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smartMBR − the new generation of water recycling systems for cities

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Exploding city populations are demanding new ideas for water recycling solutions. HUBER have responded to this growing demand with the launch of the innovative smartMBR range of wastewater treatment & recycling systems.

The smartMBR systems have been carefully designed so they are attractive looking and simple to install and operate, without compromising on high build quality and technical standards. The smartMBR systems come in six standard sizes, ranging in daily treatment capacity from 10m3/day to 75m3/day. They can treat conventional wastewater to produce clean, odour free and safe recycled water. This can then be used (subject to local regulations) for non-drinking uses such as irrigation, toilet flushing, cooling tower make-up and water features.

Whilst the distinctive clean design is already setting a new industry standard in visual appearance, this can be further enhanced by the use of graphics to enable a customer to decorate the units to their own requirements, allowing customers to blend the units into the background if they wish. However, it equally allows customers to promote their efforts in sustainable operations by using the clean area on the side of the unit to display signage or site maps, for example.

'We are very excited about the launch of this product range,' says HUBER CEO Georg Huber. 'Many cities are already running out of water, and this situation will get much worse in the coming years. The smartMBR range provides a user friendly and visually attractive solution. These features are important to city dwellers. It also allows the implementation of water recycling on a step by step basis, which the reality of financial and practical constraints requires.'

The smartMBR range will be launched formally at IFAT Ensorga 2012, which takes place in Munich during May.

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