Saudi Arabia’s Al Shumaisi wastewater treatment plant takes shape

Lead contractor ACWA Emirates has reported that Saudi Arabia’s Al Shumaisi wastewater treatment plant is taking shape, featuring ACWA’s Memtreat® membrane bioreactor technology. The plant, which is sited in the western region of the country between the cities of Makkah and Jeddah, will have a 12,000m3/day capacity.

The scheme has a high degree of automation and therefore the reliability of the technologies used is critical. The contract also requires an extremely high quality effluent with a BOD and TSS of less than 5ppm. The treated effluent will be suitable for direct discharge without further treatment for uses such as irrigation, district cooling, batching plants and industrial process waters. In this desert area, the main planned use for the effluent is irrigation.

ACWA has built over 33 MBR plants in this region in the last seven years. The Company is in the process of opening an operational office in Saudi Arabia to serve this key market, offering construction services to clients in addition to its operation and maintenance expertise.

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