Natural Systems Utilities Acquires Applied Water Management

Natural Systems Utilities has announced the successful completion of the acquisition of Applied Water Management from AWM's parent company American Water. Applied Water Management, based in Hillsborough, NJ, has 77 employees and has offices in NJ, PA, and MA. NSU will assume all AWM contracts and business operations.

Combined, the Company provides design, build, operations and engineering services to over 150 systems in NJ, NY, PA, CT, MA, RI, and MN. The Company will be known as Natural Systems Utilities and will operate under both the NSU and AWM names.

Ed Clerico, NSU CEO, reports, 'This acquisition capitalizes on the current unique market position of NSU and AWM. NSU now represents the largest operating base of decentralised water and wastewater utility assets in the US. AWM's clients will benefit from NSU's expertise and innovations in operations, management and advanced wastewater systems and related technologies.'

Dominic Kulik, Chairman of NSU said, 'NSU has a proud history of providing environmentally friendly water resource management services to a range of municipal, commercial, residential, institutional and industrial customers across America. The deep pool of talent and sector expertise of the AWM professionals will allow NSU to expand our services to a market with rapidly increasing needs for improved water management services. Our unique design-build-operate-finance model provides innovative water and wastewater solutions more quickly and at lower life cycle costs.'

Natural Systems Utilities, established in 2007 as a Delaware LLC, is an innovative water and energy utility company that integrates planning, design, engineering, and long-term operation and financing of sustainable, water-centric infrastructure.

NSU provides water resource management solutions to new build projects and to retrofit existing systems that serve individual buildings, industrial facilities, commercial centres, communities, and municipalities in rural, suburban and urban environments. NSU systems will integrate water supply, storm water management, water reuse, wastewater treatment, renewable energy and nutrient capture wherever possible. The Company relies on a variety of technologies, from natural treatment systems to advanced membrane bioreactors, as core elements in its integrated infrastructure solutions.

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