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GE Water technology provides cost-effective solution for City of Brandon, the largest membrane bioreactor WWTP in Canada

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A need for an increased level of treatment and growing demand for water used by both residents and industry has led the city of Brandon to decide to expand its existing wastewater treatment plant.

The upgraded facility will feature GE’s MBR technology and will be the largest MBR plant in Canada when it enters service in 2012. The membrane plant was first constructed in 2008 to treat the wastewater from an expanded Maple Leaf Food’s facility, but the desire to improve water treatment and expand capacity for the entire city caused the city of Brandon to seek an additional upgrade to increase the operating peak day flow to 36 million litres per day (MLD) or 9.5 million gallons per day (MGD).

The upgraded facility, designed by AECOM’s Winnipeg office, will treat the waste from the city’s existing plants as well as additional waste from a Pfizer manufacturing plant and will be designed to accommodate an increasing population and a growing manufacturing capacity.

The upgraded facility will include pre-fabricated, stainless steel membrane tanks and equipment skids to minimize site footprint and construction costs on site. The new membrane trains will be integrated with the existing MBR facility to ensure a seamless, control package in the centralised facility.

GE will supply ZeeWeed* (ZW) 500 technology, adding six ZW500D trains to the existing three trains; six mirror-image, stainless steel membrane tanks installed back-to-back; six mirror-image pump skids to improve equipment accessibility and simplify maintenance; an optimized aeration strategy to more effectively utilize air from existing membrane blowers to achieve 10/30 aeration; the integration of the three existing GE ZW500D trains; and the reuse of existing backpulse tanks and cleaning chemical systems.

This will expand both the plant capacity and the city’s future ability to supply recycled water to industrial and other perspective customers.

* Trademark of General Electric Company; may be registered in one or more countries.

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