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Hamworthy wins order for new MBR system

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Hamworthy has received an order from DFDS A/S (the Danish ferry operator) for one of its new generation Hamworthy Mark IV MBRs. The contract calls for a bespoke advanced wastewater management system to be installed onboard the 40,000gt Pearl of Scandinavia, replacing an existing sewage treatment plant that dates back to the vessel’s delivery in 1989.

The first stage of the job is scheduled for January 2011 during the vessel’s docking period, comprising the installation of steelwork materials for a new process, permeate and cleaning tanks. Due to the short dry-dock time, Hamworthy will manufacture the process tank, pump skids and pipework in kit form at the Hamworthy Water Systems plant in the UK, to enable it to retrofit through the ship’s existing hatches and doorways. It will then be assembled, welded and pressure-tested during dry-dock under the supervision of Hamworthy engineers. The remaining equipment will be delivered by April 2011. This MBR was sized to utilise the existing structure from the old sewage plant, thus minimising disruption. Hamworthy has integrated the permeate and cleaning tanks with the process tank, making for a more compact installation.

Hamworthy Project Manager, Julian Nicholas commented that, 'Normally the domain of large cruise ships operating in environmentally sensitive areas, advanced water treatment technologies are increasingly finding wider appeal in the commercial freight market. This order demonstrates the way that more and more operators are turning to environmentally-friendly technology, ahead of regulations that will have an impact across the passenger ship market.'

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