Membrane warranties

Membrane suppliers normally provide warranties with their products, as with almost all products subject to wear-and-tear during use.

Warranties usually guarantee a minimum membrane life (see Membrane ageing − a hard life?), provided the membrane is operated within a strict operational envelope. This envelope may include stipulations on the flux, air scour rate and, perhaps most critically, physical and chemical cleaning protocol: membrane materials have different degrees of resistance to different chemicals and chemical types (acid, basic, oxidative).

Warranties also often specify strict conditions relating to:

  • storage prior to installation (e.g. the temperature),
  • membrane conditioning (i.e. its ‘wetting out’ prior to use), and
  • manual handling.

Membranes are most exposed to risk of damage during unscheduled manual intervention, and particularly when the membrane modules are removed from the tanks and/or housing.


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