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MBR consultancy and advice

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Types of MBR consultant

In general, there are two types of MBR consultant:

  • the large multinational consultancies that are taken on for large, multi-faceted projects, and
  • smaller consultants – often one-person companies who generally specialise in a particular expert area.

The large multinationals may employ the specialist consultants on an ad hoc basis for advising on specific aspects of a project.

The implementation/installation of an MBR involves a number of different aspects:

  • civil engineering (‘civils’)
  • mechanical and electrical aspects (‘M&E’)
  • project planning and legal
  • the membrane technology.

For large projects, these aspects are often sub-contracted to specialist companies, normally ones with experience of implementation in the relevant geographical region. For smaller projects, the bulk of the work may be undertaken by a single company, and often by the technology supplier if the complete system is being delivered.


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