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20% off selected MBR books from IWA Publishing

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Use discount code MBRIWAP2021 to get a 20% discount off the standard price of selected MBR publications from IWA Publishing. Valid until 31 January 2024.

To use the code, follow the relevant link to the IWA Publishing website and insert the code in the discount code box during checkout, making sure you check your discount has been applied before committing to your purchase.

For all terms and conditions, please refer to our Privacy and Cookies policy.

Get 20% off the following IWA MBR books:

Title Author Link to IWA website (Click on ISBN no)
Watermaths: process fundamentals for the design and operation of water and wastewater treatment technologies – third editionSimon JuddPrint version:
ISBN 9781789060386
eBook version:
eISBN 9781789060393
Advances in Wastewater TreatmentEditors: Giorgio Mannina | George Ekama | Hallvard Ødegaard | Gustaf OlssonPrint version:
ISBN 9781780409702
eBook version:
eISBN 9781780409719
Biofouling of Membrane SystemsSzilárd Bucs | Joop Kruithof | Mark C. M. van Loosdrecht | Johannes Simon VrouwenvelderPrint version:
ISBN 9781780409580
eBook version:
eISBN 9781780409597
Principles of Membrane Bioreactors for Wastewater TreatmentHee-Deung Park | In-Soung Chang | Kwang-Jin LeePrint version:
ISBN 9781780407029
eBook version:
Not available
Development of Predictive Tools for Membrane AgeingPierre LeClechPrint version:
ISBN 9781780406251
eBook version:
eISBN 9781780406558
Membrane Biological Reactors: Theory, Modeling, Design, Management and Applications to Wastewater Reuse - Second EditionFaisal I. Hai|Kazuo Yamamoto | Chung-Hak LeePrint version:
ISBN 9781780409160

eBook version:
eISBN 9781780409177
Phosphorus: Polluter and Resource of the Future: Removal and Recovery from WastewaterChristian SchaumPrint version:
ISBN 9781780408354

eBook version:
eISBN 9781780408361
Wastewater and Biosolids ManagementIoannis K. KalavrouziotisPrint version:
ISBN 9781780408224

eBook version:
eISBN 9781780408231
Membrane Technology for Water and Wastewater Treatment, Energy and EnvironmentA F Ismail | Takeshi MatsuuraPrint version:
ISBN 9781780407951

eBook version:
Not available
MBR Book – 2nd EditionSimon JuddPrint version:
ISBN 9781843395188

eBook version:
Not available
Operating Large Scale Membrane Bioreactors for Municipal Wastewater TreatmentChristoph BrepolsPrint version:
ISBN 9781843393054

eBook version:
eISBN 9781780401409
Membrane Bioreactors: Operation and Results of an MBR Wastewater Treatment PlantEditors: A.G.N. van Bentem | C.P. Petri | P.F.T. Schyns | H.F. van der RoestPrint version:
ISBN 9781843391739

eBook version:
eISBN 9781780402017
Membrane Bioreactors for Municipal Wastewater TreatmentHF van der Roest | DP Lawrence | AGN van BentemPrint version:
ISBN 9781843390114

eBook version:
eISBN 9781780402925
CFD Modelling for Wastewater Treatment ProcessesEditors: Julien Laurent | Randal Samstag | Ingmar Nopens | Jim WicksPrint version:
ISBN 9781780409023
Microplastics in Water and WastewaterEditors: Hrissi Karapanagioti | Ioannis K KalavrouziotisPrint version:
ISBN 9781789060027

eBook version:
eISBN 9781789060034
Industrial MBRs: Membrane Bioreactors for Industrial Wastewater TreatmentSimon JuddPrint version:
ISBN 9781780407036

eBook version:
eISBN 9781789062021


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