Industrial MBRs − membrane bioreactors for industrial wastewater treatment

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Author: Simon Judd

Industrial MBRs is a concise guide to the design, operation and general implementation of membrane bioreactor (MBR) technology in the treatment of industrial effluents. Industrial sectors considered include food and beverage, petroleum, pharmaceutical, landfill, textile and ships.

The book provides a brief summary of each of these sectors, along with the characteristics of the various biologically-treatable effluents generated. Key facets of the MBR technology are described: the principal components of the design along with those aspects of operation which determine the process operability and running costs are discussed, along with operational challenges.

The book lists key commercial membrane technologies and their characteristics, including materials, dimensions and general areas of application. Over 50 case studies are presented, in which the efficacy of the technology is demonstrated for a number of key industrial wastewater treatment applications.

Author Simon Judd
Published by IWA Publishing / Judd & Judd Ltd
Publication date 2014
Edition First edition
Available as Soft cover | eBook
ISBN - soft cover 9781780407036
ISBN - eBook 9781789062021
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