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MBR training

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MBR training

Specialist operator knowledge is key to the successful implementation of MBR technology. Anecdotal evidence from the process operators themselves and from surveys of practitioners (see The 2015 MBR Survey results) indicate that insufficient operator knowledge represents a significant barrier.

Training in MBR process operation is often provided by the MBR technology supplier as a contractual obligation for both large and small installations. This type of training tends to be proscriptive and (necessarily) focused on the relevant membrane product and specific installation.

More general training in MBR technology, covering a wider range of aspects of the technology and its implementation, is available from specialist providers.

One of the most established training courses, The MBR Short Course, has been being delivered at various locations worldwide since late 1990s. Tailored, remote training (MBR Insights) is provided by Judd Water and Wastewater Consultants.


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