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MicroClear® supplier page

Supplied by: newterra
Flat Sheet (FS) MBR membrane configuration | Polymeric membrane material

Module product series:

  • MX series
  • Flexible MB series
  • Compact MA/MB series

About MicroClear®

The basic building block of the Micro-Clear® system is the MCXL cassette, capable of extremely flexible deployment. MicroClear® filters can be used whether the project is a small wastewater treatment system for between 4 and 50 people, or a central sewage plant constructed of modular units serving up to 100,000 residents.

  • Very high, sustained flux of 25 to 30 l/m²h
  • Full back flushing capability allows quick and easy cleaning
  • Patented laser welding process ensures highest level structural integrity and durability
  • Patented filtrate collector ensures a uniform distribution of pressure
  • Modular, stackable and thus minimal space requirement
  • High packing density of 185 m²/m³
  • Low energy costs
  • Easy maintenance: the filters can be removed from the side of the unit.
  • Module membrane area: 384 1.600 m2
  • Module length: 920 2430 mm
  • Module width: 740 2390 mm
  • Module height: 2410 2970 mm
  • Number of modules per stack/skid: Triple deck.

Very high package density, identical to hollow fibre modules, low operation costs and operation without the need for chemicals.

Flexible MB series: modular design combines easy adaption to customer-specific requirements with low energy consumption.

Compact MA/MB series: versatile system can be rapidly made ready for operation thanks to its uncomplicated installation procedure and easy handling.

Flat Sheet (FS) MBR membrane configuration
Polymeric membrane material | PES
Pore size: 0.04 µm

Module product series:

  • MX series
  • Flexible MB series
  • Compact MA/MB series

Company summary

Head office in Langgoens, Germany
Operates in Africa, Americas, Asia, Europe and Middle East | Operates worldwide

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