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MICRODYN-NADIRsupplier website

Logo Microdyn Nadir June 2019
Based in Wiesbaden, Germany | Operates worldwide in every continent
Offers Flat Sheet (FS) MBR membrane configuration

Proprietary MBR products and systems:

  • BIO-CEL®
Visit the MICRODYN-NADIR website


MICRODYN-NADIR is a membrane manufacturer with over 50 years of membrane experience and expertise. MICRODYN-NADIR offers the widest range of membrane products, including MF, UF, NF, and RO in flat sheet, spiral-wound, and hollow-fiber configurations.

From our technologically advanced MICRODYN BIO-CEL® MBR to our high rejection MICRODYN RO elements, we have the widest range of membranes available for every step of your water treatment process.

From food and dairy to pharmaceutical and dialysis, we customize membrane products to meet your specific process requirements. We offer MF, UF, NF, and RO membranes, including TRISEP® spirals, innovative TurboClean® hard-shell sanitary spirals, SPIRA-CEL® net-wrapped spirals, flat sheet, and tubular & capillary modules.

MICRODYN-NADIR is a membrane industry's leader when it comes to manufacturing custom and specialty spiral-wound membrane elements. Whether it is new product development, made-to-order specialty construction, the replacement of a discontinued membrane element, or a custom product uniquely tailored to meet your specific needs, MICRODYN-NADIR can build it.

MICRODYN-NADIR is headquartered in Wiesbaden, Germany with locations in North America, South America, Asia and Europe. MICRODYN-NADIR is the water treatment business unit of global filtration leader MANN+HUMMEL as part of the newly created Life Sciences & Environment division.

Visit the MICRODYN-NADIR website

MBR technology & applications

Proprietary MBR products and systems:

  • BIO-CEL®

One of MICRODYN-NADIR’s most innovative products is the submerged BIO-CEL® module for membrane bioreactors. This backwashable module comprises the advantages of flat membranes as well as it is featured with the packing density of hollow-fibre modules, which allows for a variety of application possibilities in the field of municipal and industrial wastewater treatment. The BIO-CEL® is available with 10, 50, 100, 416 and 1900 m2 of membrane area, has self-healing membrane sheets and is mechanically cleanable.

Company summary

Visit the MICRODYN-NADIR website
Head office in Wiesbaden, Germany
Operates in Africa, Americas, Asia, Europe and Middle East | Operates worldwide in every continent
Offers Flat Sheet (FS) MBR membrane configuration | Immersed technology configuration

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