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Based in Middle East
Operates in Africa, Americas, Asia, Europe and Middle East | Offices in Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi (UAE) and Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Specialist areas:

  • Custom design
  • Supply and construction
  • Operation & maintenance services

About Eagle Electromechanical CO LLC / Al Hijaz Mechanical Equipment CO LLC

Custom design, supply, construction, operation & maintenance services in: wastewater and water treatment, utilities, networks and substations. Wastewater plants include MBRs, SBRs, MBBRs & EAs.

Eagle Electromechanical Co LLC (Eagle) and Al Hijaz Mechanical Equipment Co LLC (Al Hijaz) are sister contracting firms which were established in 1985 and 1995, respectively, in the United Arab Emirates.

Eagle and Al Hijaz offer custom design, supply, construction, operation and maintenance services in the following fields:

  • wastewater and water treatment, recycling, reclamation and reuse, up to drinking water quality. These plants can be steel/concrete, open top/enclosed, containerized-mobile, above/underground
  • pumping stations and networks for wastewater and irrigation water, and water reservoirs
  • electrical medium-voltage and low-voltage networks and substations
  • electromechanical works, such as plumbing and fire fighting, air-conditioning and ventilation and electrical works, for a diverse array of facilities from luxury villas to high rise buildings and utilities
  • wastewater treatment plants.

The group has been awarded 98 wastewater treatment plants, which were awarded by both the public and private sectors. These plants have a range of treatment capacities, starting from 10 m3/day up to 44,000 m3/day, which is an extended aeration plant in Jezan, Saudi Arabia. The group’s total wastewater treatment capacity in caters for 240,500 m3/day (as at Oct 2014).

MBR experience

The group has built 94,300 m3/day of sewage capacity with MBR technology with eighteen plants. This translates to eleven online MBR plants in the United Arab Emirates (as at Oct 2014).

The design capacities range from multiple 500 m3/day and 750 m3/day modular temporary packages in Masdar City in Abu Dhabi (the first major hydrocarbon-producing economy in the world) and Dubai Studio City, a 8,000 m3/day open-top plant at Dubai Motor City, to a completely enclosed 25,000 m3/day plant at Dubai Sports City, which is one of the largest operating plants in the Middle East.

In 2012, the company constructed the first MBR package of 500 m3/day in Al Baha City in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA). This was followed by a second package project of 1500 m3/day capacity in Sabya City, Jazan, KSA. In 2014 the company was awarded the 12,500 m3/day Buljarshi MBR. All these KSA project are for the Ministry of Water and Electricity.

Another first was the 1400 m3/day Raihan MBR package plant in Palestine for the Palestine Investment Fund. This was followed by another larger 2000 m3/d MBR plant for the Ramallah Municipality in Palestine; all of these plants are under Eagle’s operation.

The company is responsive to the growing wastewater re-use demands and increasingly stringent Regulatory Standards. In line with the regions move towards maximizing water reuse, it has integrated hollow fibre membranes into a mobile package unit that can be used to treat typical domestic sewage, generating a superior water product that can be implemented in various water re-use schemes, cost effectively.

Total installed capacity MBR: 94,300 cmd; UF Polishing: >84,000 cmd.

Last updated: 19 June 2018


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