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Frito-Lay process water recovery treatment plantview SUEZ

Logo Suez
Location: Casa Grande, Arizona, USA
Supplied by: SUEZ – Water Technologies & Solutions and CDM


Food, beverage and dairy

MBR technology/system:


Hollow Fibre (HF) MBR membrane configuration | Immersed technology configuration
Membrane material: Polymeric
Capacity range (MLD): 1.1 - 10.0
Owned by: Frito-Lay

About Frito-Lay process water recovery treatment plant

Commissioned/installed date: 2010

Award winning plant that uses ZeeWeed MBR technology to reclaim water for food processing.

Frito-Lay’s Casa Grande, Arizona snack food manufacturing plant is a fl­agship project with ambitious goals: to nearly run the entire plant on renewable energy and recycled water while producing less than 1% landfill waste. A key component to this action is the installation of a new process water recovery treatment plant (PWRTP) which eliminates the need for land-application of the plant’s wastewater and provides space for a 5MW PV solar system and a biomass boiler system to produce the steam and electricity needed to operate the plant.

CDM designed and built a 700,000-Gal/day water recovery and recycling facility to reclaim and reuse more than 75% of the plant’s process water. Using advanced membrane technology from SUEZ Water Technologies & Solutions to help meet U.S. EPA primary and secondary drinking water standards, the recovery system cleans and reuses most of the facility’s process water for other cleaning and production needs. The compact facility dramatically reduces the plant’s discharged water, freeing up ground currently used for the land application of wastewater.

Creative design features:

  • The unique tank design substantially reduced the environmental footprint and overall costs for construction.
  • Compact and robust system reduces footprint from multiple tanks and assures compatibility of all components
  • Concentric bolted steel tanks with nitrification/denitrification capabilities
  • Baffles allow for variable load flexibility
  • Fine bubble technology provides greater efficiency and reduces O&M costs
  • Sound enclosures reduce blower noise levels
  • The LPRO system has reserve capacity with three membrane arrays available to the operators, with one train for standby availability.

SUEZ’s ZeeWeed® MBR technology is engineered with rugged and proven components to withstand the harsh conditions of MBR operation:

  • Physical ultrafiltration (UF) barrier produces a high quality effluent suitable for reuse
  • Innovative design reduces footprint from other technologies
  • Minimized number of connections ensures simple and quick maintenance
  • Operates at high levels of MLVSS, resulting in more biomass for higher BOD loadings and improved resistance to upsets
  • Modular, pre-fab, set-in place system enabled faster installation and startup, helped control costs
  • Reinforced membranes ensure reliable operation and a long membrane life
  • Operator-friendly units can be taken off-line without shutting down and have significantly lower operating costs than pressurized membranes.

The innovative design and reliable MBR technology enables Frito-Lay to reduce the impact their manufacturing operations have on the environment by conserving water, reducing energy use, and minimizing waste.In 2010, Frito Lay received the Environmental Contribution of the Year Award from Global Water Intelligence for the Casa Grande Facility.

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Company summary

Head office in Trevose, PA USA
Operates in Africa, Americas, Asia, Europe and Middle East | Operates worldwide

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