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Suppliers of MBR products relating to:

  • Process Monitoring and Control

Summary of MBR products supplied

BONNEL TECHNOLOGIE specialises in the supply of Control Units and Telemetry Systems for decentralized sewage treatment plants. The products are developed and manufactured in Czech Republic.

Control Units & Control Cabinets:

Free-programmable Control Units for decentralized sewage treatment plants with webserver and Wi-Fi. Tailor-made Control Cabinets.


Remote monitoring and remote control of BONNEL’s control units via Wi-Fi or GSM.

About BONNEL TECHNOLOGIE s.r.o.’s MBR products

Sequetrol® Control Units:

The Sequetrol® IoT controller range is designed for decentralized STP including MBR plants. More Control Units can be found here.

Key features:

- Up to 8 relay outputs
- Up to 3 digital inputs + 1 analogue input 4-20mA
- Pressure sensor 0-500mbar, current measurement (output monitoring) on request
- Process, menu and alarms free programmable, different state machines for continuous and “SBR-type” programming, which can even run in parallel
- Wi-Fi and webserver for local plant operation using smartphone / tablet (within Wi-Fi range)
- Wi-Fi or optional GSM for remote monitoring and operation via BONNEL’s Aquavisor® telemetry system.

Control Cabinets:

BONNEL offers tailor-made Control Cabinets equipped with BONNEL’s control units and accessories like valves, air distribution, motor protection relays, circuit breakers, … Professionally designed and manufactured in Czech Republic.

® Telemetry System:

Full remote monitoring and control system optimized for decentralized sewage treatment plants.

- Compatible with BONNEL’s IoT controller range
- Plant monitoring via 2G/4G or LoRa®/Sigfox®
- Plant remote control
- Access via web browser
- Scalable from 1 - ∞ plants
- Different access levels (plant owner, service company, plant manufacturer).

Last updated: 3 March 2020


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