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The 20% discount applies to the following books (currently print formats only, not ebooks) and is valid until 31 January 2021.

Get 20% off the following IWA books:

Watermaths 3rd edition

Author: Simon Judd
ISBN: 9781789060393
Publication Date: 15/11/2019
Standard price: £55.00 − take 20% off

Process fundamentals for the design and operation of water and wastewater treatment technologies

Watermaths presents the mathematics underpinning the design and operation of the individual unit process technologies used for purifying water and wastewater. New to the third edition: new chapter on cost analysis | further explanation of the classical unit operations types | illustrations expanded to include unit operation schematics and symbols | new examples and exercises | updated design problem.

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Advances in Wastewater Treatment

Editors: Giorgio Mannina | George Ekama | Hallvard Ødegaard | Gustaf Olsson
ISBN: 9781780409702
Publication Date: 15/10/2018
Standard price: £140.00 − take 20% off

Advances in Wastewater Treatment presents a compendium of the key topics surrounding wastewater treatment and provides future perspectives in wastewater treatment and modelling. It covers the fundamentals and innovative wastewater treatment processes (such as MBRs and granular process) and focuses attention on mathematical modelling aspects in the field of wastewater treatments by highlighting the key role of models in process design, operation and control.

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Biofouling of Membrane Systems

Authors: Szilárd Bucs | Joop Kruithof | Mark C. M. van Loosdrecht | Johannes Simon Vrouwenvelder
ISBN: 9781780409580
Publication Date: 15/09/2018
Standard price: £125.00 − take 20% off

Biofouling of Membrane Systems gives a comprehensive overview on the state of the art strategies to control biofouling in spiral wound reverse osmosis membrane systems and point to possible future research directions. Despite the fact that much research and development has been done to overcome biofouling in spiral wound membrane systems used for water treatment, biofouling is still a major practical problem causing performance decline and increased energy demand. Biofouling of Membrane Systems is divided into three sections including modelling and numerical analysis, non-destructive characterization and feed spacer geometry optimization. It focuses on the development of biomass in the feed channel of the membrane module and its effect on pressure drop and hydrodynamics.

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Principles of Membrane Bioreactors for Wastewater Treatment

Authors: Hee-Deung Park|In-Soung Chang|Kwang-Jin Lee
ISBN: 9781780407029
Publication Date: 15/06/2015
Standard price: £75.00 − take 20% off

This book describes the state-of-the-art of MBR technology, principles of MBR and design and operation of plants. Principles of Membrane Bioreactors for Wastewater Treatment is a practical handbook for MBR design and operation, and provides an understanding of how membrane fouling and channel cleaning can impact plant operation. The book facilitates step-by-step learning by users with numerous case studies, worked examples and problems. MBR technology is mostly taught as part of Biological Wastewater Treatment and Membrane Technology courses for senior undergraduates or graduates. This book can be used on these courses and also as a useful handbook for designers and operators. This title is co-published with CRC Press.

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Development of Predictive Tools for Membrane Ageing

Author: Pierre LeClech
ISBN: 9781780406251
Publication Date: 15/03/2014
Standard price: £97.00 − take 20% off

This study increases our current understanding on the degradation/ageing mechanisms occurring on porous membranes used in the water and wastewater industries. Accelerated membrane degradation was obtained through both static and consecutive ageing protocols on the pilot-scale, and a range of carefully selected characterisation and analytical techniques was used to characterise the nascent changes faced by the membrane material. The report covers four interrelated sections: critical assessment of characterisation techniques | static accelerated ageing | consecutive accelerated ageing | consecutive ageing of industrially-aged membranes. This final report summarises the aims, objectives, outcomes and limitations of the individual work packages, along with some recommendations for future work. This book is co-published with Water Research Australia.

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Membrane Biological Reactors

Membrane Biological Reactors: Theory, Modeling, Design, Management and Applications to Wastewater Reuse - Second Edition

Authors: Faisal I. Hai|Kazuo Yamamoto|Chung-Hak Lee
ISBN: 9781780409160
Publication Date: 15/7/2019
Standard price: £130.00 − take 20% off

Membrane Biological Reactors: Theory, Modeling, Design, Management and Applications to Wastewater Reuse comprehensively covers the salient features and emerging issues associated with the MBR technology. The book provides thorough coverage starting from biological aspects and fundamentals of membranes, via modeling and design concepts, to practitioners perspective and good application examples.

Membrane Biological Reactors focuses on all the relevant emerging issues raised by including the latest research from renowned experts in the field. It is a valuable reference to the academic and professional community and suitable for undergraduate and postgraduate teaching in Environmental Engineering, Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology.

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20% off also applies to these MBR titles:

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Wastewater and Biosolids Management (June 2017)

Membrane Technology for Water and Wastewater Treatment, Energy and Environment (March 2016)

The MBR Book, 2nd Edition (December 2010)

Operating Large Scale Membrane Bioreactors for Municipal Wastewater Treatment (November 2010)

Membrane Bioreactors (December 2007)

Membrane Bioreactors for Municipal Wastewater Treatment (November 2002)

CFD Modelling for Wastewater Treatment Processes (December 2019)

Microplastics in Water and Wastewater (December 2019)


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