H2O Innovation awarded CAD$2.8 million* in contracts for industrial and municipal water treatment systems

01 March 2012

H2O Innovation Inc. has announced that it was recently awarded $2.8 million in new contracts. These new contracts will see H2O Innovation provide custom-built water treatment systems to industrial and municipal end-users in the United States and Canada. The contracts bring H2O Innovation’s equipment order backlog to $28.6 million as of 8 March 2012.

The most significant contract will see H2O Innovation design, fabricate, deliver and install a Bio-Brane™ MBR wastewater treatment and water reuse system to an industrial end-user active in the oil and gas sector in Northern Alberta. The aboveground steel package Bio-Brane™ system will be used to treat sanitary wastewater from the client’s work camp. H2O Innovation’s Bio­Brane™ technology is a high-efficiency IFAS MBR (integrated fixed-film activated sludge and membrane bioreactor) system used for municipal or industrial wastewater treatment and water reuse applications around the world.

Another contract will see H2O Innovation build and deliver a system to a municipal end-user, the City of Hillsboro, North Dakota, for which the Company will manufacture a nanofiltration/reverse osmosis membrane softening water treatment system for the production of drinking water. Under other contracts, the Company will manufacture and deliver smaller reverse osmosis membrane water treatment systems to industrial and municipal end-users in the United States and Canada.

*All amounts in Canadian dollars unless otherwise stated.

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Banner image: full treatment plant for pharmaceutical wastewater in Taizhou, Linhai Park, Zhejiang Province, China, including Shanghai MEGAVISION  flat sheet UF membrane modules in two MBR units. Image courtesy of VALORSABIO, Lda.

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