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A – E acronyms

ABR              Anaerobic baffled reactor

AC                Activated carbon

AD                Anaerobic digestion

ADF              Average daily flow

ADUF           Anaerobic digester ultrafiltration

AE                Aerobic

AF                 Anaerobic filter

A-lsMBR       Air-lift sidestream membrane bioreactor – aerobic

Alum             Aluminium sulphate

AniMBR       Anaerobic immersed membrane bioreactor

AnMBR        Anaerobic membrane bioreactor

AnsMBR       Anaerobic sidestream membrane bioreactor

AOC             Assimilable organic carbon

AOTE           Actual oxygen transfer efficiency

AOTR           Actual oxygen transfer rate

ASCE            American Society of Civil Engineers

ASP               Activated sludge process

AX                Anoxic

BAC              Biologically activated carbon

BAF              Biological aerated filter

BNR              Biological nutrient removal

BPR              Biological phosphate removal

BOD             Biochemical oxygen demand

BOD5            Five-day biochemical oxygen demand

BOO(T)         Build, own, operate, (transfer)

BPA              Biological potential activity

bpCOD         Biodegradable particulate COD

CA                Cellulose acetate

CAPEX         Capital expenditure

CAS(P)          Conventional activated sludge (process/plant)

CEB              Chemically-enhanced backwash

CF(V)            Crossflow (velocity)

CFU              Colony forming units

CIA               Cleaning in air

CIL               Cleaning in line

CIP                Cleaning in place

COD             Chemical oxygen demand

COP              Clean out of place

CP                 Concentration polarisation

CPR              Chemical phosphorus removal

CST               Capillary suction time

CSTR            Continuous stirred tank reactor

CT                 Capillary tube

Da                 Dalton

DE                Dead-end (or full flow)

DMBR          Diffusion membrane bioreactor

DO                Dissolved oxygen

DOC             Dissolved organic carbon

DS                 Dry solids

EBPR            Enhanced biological phosphorus removal

EC                 Enterococci

ED                Electrodialysis

EDCs            Endrocrine disrupting compounds

EQ                Equalisation

EGSB            Expanded granular sludge bed

(e)EPS           (Extracted) extracellular polymeric substances

EPSc             Extracellular polymeric substances (carbohydrate)

EPSp             Extracellular polymeric substances (protein)

EQI               Effluent quality index

F – J acronyms

FBDA           Fine bubble diffusion aeration

FC                 Filter cartridge

FO                 Forward osmosis

FOG              Fats, oils and grease

FS                 Flat sheet (or plate-and-frame)

GAC             Granular activated carbon

g/L                Grams per litre

GLD              Gigalitres per day

G-lsMBR       Gas-lift sidestream membrane bioreactor (anaerobic)

GRP              Glass reinforced plastic

GT                Gas transfer

HF                 Hollow fibre (membrane)

HFRB            Hair and Fibre Reinforced Biomass

HPSEC          High performance size exclusion chromatography

HRT              Hydraulic retention time

HVAC           Heat, ventilation and air conditioning

ID                 Internal diameter

IEMBR          Extractive ion exchange MBR

IEX               Ion exchange

IFAS             Integrated fixed film activated sludge

iMBR            Immersed membrane bioreactor

iMBR            Immersed membrane bioreactor (aerobic)

K – O acronyms

kDa               kiloDalton

LMH             Litres per m2 per hour

LRV              Log rejection value

m3/day         Metres cubed per day

M&E             Mechanical and electrical

MABR          Membrane aeration bioreactor

MBR             Membrane bioreactor

MBBR           Moving bed bioreactor

MBfR            Membrane biofilm reactor

MCE             Mixed cellulose esters

MD               Membrane distillation

ME                Membrane extraction

MF                Microfiltration

MGD             Megagallons per day

MLD             Megalitres per day

MLE             Modified Ludzack-Ettinger (process)

MLIT            Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport (of Japan)

MLSS            Mixed liquor suspended solids

MLVSS         Mixed liquor volatile suspended solids

MPE              Membrane performance enhancer

MT                Multitube

MW               Molecular weight

MWCO         Molecular weight cut-off

N removal     Nitrogen removal

NADH          Nictotinamide adenine dinucleotide hydrogenase

nbVSS           Non-biodegradable volatile suspended solids

NF                 Nanofiltration

NIPS             Non-solvent induced phase separation

NOM             Natural organic matter

NPV              Net present value

NRW             North-Rhine Westphalia

O&M            Operation & Maintenance

OC                Organic carbon

OD                Outer diameter

ODE              Ordinary differential equation

OEM             Original Equipment Manufacturer

OLR              Organic loading rate

ON                Organic nitrogen

OPEX            Operating expenditure

OTE              Oxygen transfer efficiency

OTR              Oxygen transfer rate

OUE              Oxygen utilisation efficiency

P – T acronyms

P removal      Phosphorus removal

P&F              Plate and Frame

p.e.                Population equivalent

PAC              Powdered activated carbon

P&ID            Piping and instrumentation diagram

PAN              Polyacrylonitrile

PBR              Photobioreactor

pCOD           Total particulate COD

P&F              Plate-and-frame

PDF              Peak daily flow

PDMS           Poly-dimethyl siloxane

PDT              Pressure decay testing

PE                 Polyethylene

PES               Polyethylsulphone

PFI                Private finance initiative

PFR               Plug flow reactor

PP                 Polypropylene

PPCPs           Pharmaceuticals and personal care products

PUB              Public Utilities Board (of Singapore)

PV                 Pervaporation

POEM           Poly(oxyethylene methacrylate)

PS                 Polysulphone

PTFE             Polytetrafluoroethylene

PVDF            Polyvinylidene difluoride

RBC              Rotating biological contactor

Redox           Reduction-oxidation

RO                Reverse osmosis

SAD              Specific aeration demand

SAE              Standard aeration efficiency (kgO2/kWh)

SAF               Submerged aerated filter

SBR              Sequencing batch reactor

SCADA         Supervisory control and data acquisitions

SDI               Silt density index

SED              Specific energy demand

SEDA            Specific energy demand for aeration

SEDm            Specific energy demand for membrane aeration

SEM              Scanning electron micrograph

SGD              Specific gas demand

SGDm            Specific gas demand – membrane area (in Nm3 gas/(hr.m2))

SGDp             Specific gas demand – permeate volume (in Nm3 gas/m3 permeate)

sMBR            Sidestream membrane bioreactor

SME              small-to-medium sized enterprise

SMP              Soluble microbial product

SMPc             Soluble microbial product (carbohydrate)

SMPp             Soluble microbial product (protein)

SNdN            Simultaneous nitrification and denitrification

SOTE            Standard oxygen transfer efficiency

SRF               Specific resistance to filtration

SRT               Solids retention time

SUVA           Specific UV absorbance per unit organic carbon concentration

SVI               Sludge volume index

SW                Spiral-wound

TDS              Total dissolved solids

TEP               Transparent exopolymer particle

TF                 Trickling filter

TFC               Thin film composite

THMFP         Trihalomethane formation potential

TIN               Total inorganic nitrogen

TIPS              Thermal induced phase separation

TKN              Total Kjeldahl nitrogen

TMDL           Total maximum daily load

TMP              Transmembrane pressure

TN                Total nitrogen

TOC              Total organic carbon

TON              Total organic nitrogen

TP                 Total phosphorus

TSS               Total suspended solids

U – Z acronyms


UASB           Upflow anaerobic sludge blanket

UCT              University of Cape Town

UF                 Ultrafiltration

VFD              Variable frequency drive (of pumps)

VRM             Vacuum rotating membrane

VSS               Volatile suspended solids

WRP             Water recycling (or reclamation) plant

WwTP/W      Wastewater treatment plant/works

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