Largest MBR plants – Worldwide

New contracts are being won all the time, and plants appear to be getting ever larger, but the following list is the latest information we have on the largest MBR plants (over 100 MLD) in the world, including new contracts which have been won but not yet installed. In addition, we aim to reference the largest plants in each of the regions Africa, the Americas, Asia, Europe and Oceania.

If you are aware of any errors or omissions, please contact us, to help us keep this list up to date. Or if you’d like to supply some reference information for our Installations directory, we’d be pleased to hear from you.

The largest MBR plants worldwide?

Last updated: February 2018

Installations Location Technology Provider (Expected) date of commissioning PDF (MLD) ADF (MLD)
Henriksdal, Sweden nr Stockholm, Sweden SUEZ Stage 1: mid 2019   Stage 2: 2021   Stage 3: 2023   Stage 4: 2026 864 536
Beihu WWTP Hubei, China OW 2019 800
Tuas Water Reclamation Plant Singapore TBC 2025 800
Seine Aval Acheres, France SUEZ 2016 357 224
Canton WWTP Ohio, USA Ovivo USA/Kubota 2015-2017 333 159
Water Affairs Integrative EPC Xingyi, Guizhou, China OW 307
Euclid, OH, USA Ohio, USA SUEZ 2018 250 83
9th and 10th WWTP Kunming, Yunnan, China OW 2013 250
Shunyi Beijing, China SUEZ 2016 234 180
Wuhan Sanjintan WWTP Hubei Province, China OW 2015 200
Jilin WWTP (Phase 1, upgrade) Jilin Province, China OW 2015 200
Caotan WWTP PPP project Xi’an, Shanxi, China OW 200
Huhehaote Xinxinban WWTP Inner Mongolia, China OW 2016 200
Weibei Industrial Park Wanzi WWTP Xi’an, China OW 2016 200
Brussels Sud Brussels, Belgium SUEZ 2017 190 86
Riverside California, USA SUEZ 2014 186 124
Brightwater Washington, USA SUEZ 2011 175 122
Visalia California, USA SUEZ 2014 171 85
Qinghe WRP (Phase 2) Beijing, China OW 2011 150
Nanjing East City WWTP (Phase 3) Jiangsu Province, China OW 2014 150
Yantai TaoziWan WWTP (Phase 2) Shandong Province, China OW 2014 150
Jilin WWTP (Phase 2) Jilin Province, China OW 2017 150
Qinghe China OW/MCAS 2011 150 150
Carré de Reunion Versailles region, France Koch Membrane Systems 2015 144 42
Changsha 2nd WWTP Hunan Province, China OW 2014 140
Nanyang High-tech Zone Optoelectronics Industry Park WWTP Henan,China OW 2016 140
North Las Vegas Nevada, USA SUEZ 2011 136 97
Ballenger McKinney ENR WWTP Maryland, USA SUEZ 2013 135 58
Zhangzhou dongdun WWTP Phase I Fujian,China OW 130
Assago Milan, Italy SUEZ 2016 125 55
Hwaseong-Dongtan STP Hwaseong City, Gyeonggi Province, South Korea MCAS/Hyundai Oct 2016 122 (unconfirmed) 122
Daxing Huangcun WRP Beijing, China OW 2012 120
Jinyang WWTP (Phase 1) Shanxi Province, China OW 2015 120
Huhehaote Zhanggaiying WWTP Inner Mongolia, China OW 2016 120
Cox Creek WRF Maryland, USA SUEZ 2015 116 58
Yellow River Georgia, USA SUEZ 2011 114 71
Shiyan Shendinghe China OW/MRC 2009 110 110
Aquaviva Cannes, France SUEZ 2013 108 60
Urumqi Ganquanpu WRP Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, China OW 2014 105
Busan City Korea SUEZ 2012 102 102
Wenyuhe River Water Treatment (Phase 2) Beijing, China OW-MRC 2010 100
Hebei Zhengdi WWTP Hebei Province, China OW 2014 100
ZhuHai Qianshan WWTP Guangdong Province, China OW 2016 100
Guangzhou China Memstar 2010 100
Wenyuhe Beijing, China OW/Asahi Kasei 2007 100 100
Beijiao WWTP renovation project Ordos, Inner Mongolia OW 100
Xianlin WWTP PPP project Nanjing, Jiangsu, China OW 100
Chengxiang WWTP Phase I Haiyan,Zhejiang, China OW 100
Urumchi hexi WWTP Upgrade Project Xinjiang,China OW 2017 100
Urumchi hedong WWTP Xinjiang,China OW 100

PDF: Peak daily flow, Megalitres per day
ADF: Average daily flow, Megalitres per day
SUEZ: SUEZ Water Technologies & Solutions (formerly GE Water & Process Technologies)

OW: (Beijing) Origin Water
MRC: Mitsubishi Rayon Corporation
MCAS: Mitsubishi Chemical Aqua Solutions


Kimberley Mathis (Ovivo); Stephen Katz (SUEZ); Xinxin Yan (Beijing Origin Water); Yixin Wang (Beijing Origin Water); Kaja Unger (Koch Membrane Systems); Ozaki Kyouhei (Mitsubishi Chemical Aqua Solutions).

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Banner image: full treatment plant for pharmaceutical wastewater in Taizhou, Linhai Park, Zhejiang Province, China, including Shanghai MEGAVISION  flat sheet UF membrane modules in two MBR units. Image courtesy of VALORSABIO, Lda.

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